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Inflatable occluder

Inflatable cable duct sealing device, also known as IDSS, is a new type of cable duct sealing device, specially used for sealing cable duct openings. Its superior sealing performance can better protect the safety of cables and pipes when the duct opening is blocked. ; It has the functions of waterproofing, fireproofing, anti-rodent and ant-proof, and anti-silt.

BBS anti-condensation blocking material

BBS is anti-condensation. It can be quickly self-leveled after being stirred and mixed on site by the AB two components, and then expanded and solidified to form a closed body. Applicable to: high and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substations, cable branch boxes, opening and closing stations, ring network cabinets and other power equipment cable rooms for anti-condensation blocking, completely blocking the source of condensation and moisture, moisture-proof, fire-proof, Anti-corrosion, flame-retardant, environmental protection, aging resistance, etc.; radically eliminate condensation and small animals entering the electrical cabinet to cause electrical safety hazards.

Cable tube occluder

The cable tube plugging device is mainly assembled from silicone rubber and flame-retardant nylon through stainless steel screws. The product has the characteristics of stable mechanical properties, high weather resistance, reusability, acid and alkali resistance, and gas resistance. It can effectively prevent the leakage of water and air and the biting of rats and ants in the sealed area.

Hollow pipe sealing plug

Hollow pipe sealing plug is a new type of plugging product specially suitable for all kinds of cable and empty pipes. It is made of a high-density polypropylene resin as the main raw material, and is a high-tech injection molded by adding matching additives. product. Adopt the principle of two-way extrusion expansion to block the empty pipe cable duct opening.


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