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Notes on the use of pipe blocker

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Scope of use and characteristics of pipe blocker: Sewage pipe blocker is made of high quality polymer material with good air tightness, good quality and light weight.

 一、pipelinesblockerScope of use and characteristics.

  1. Sewage pipe blocker is made of high quality polymer material, featuring good air tightness, good quality and light weight.

  2. Economical and practical, it is suitable for sealing cast iron pipe, glass steel pipe, pvc, ppr pipe, double-wall spiral pipe and so on. The above pipes should be repaired and blocked, overhauled and leakage test. Compared with other sewage pipe closure airbag, pipe filling airbag also has the characteristics of light weight, easy to carry, simple operation, easy construction, and also has the characteristics of simple maintenance in the later stage.

  Second, the use of methods.

  Put the pipe blocker into the pipe mouth to be blocked, and then flush the compressed air to the specified pressure through the air inlet valve. After the construction, open the air inlet valve to release the air and remove the plug.

  Preservation method.

  Because the pipe blocker is simple to use, it can be used many times. In the processing, storage and use of rubber products, due to the combined effect of internal and external factors, the physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties of rubber gradually deteriorate, and ultimately lose their value in use. This change is called rubber aging. It is characterized by cracking, sticking, hardening, softening, chalking, discoloration, mildew and so on. When the rubber airbag is in the range of -10℃ to +90℃, the material of the water blocking airbag will not change.

  There are four points to note when storing pipe blockers (pipe blocking airbags):.

  1. When the airbag is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and dried, filled with talcum powder and placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place indoors.

  2. The airbag should be stretched flat, should not be stacked, and should not be stacked on the airbag heavy objects.

  3. Store the airbag away from heat sources.

  4. The airbag should not be in contact with acid, alkali, grease and organic solvents.