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Blocking of community cables through walls

Blocking of community cables through walls

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At present, the problem of waterproofing and blocking of cable ducts through walls in the underground power distribution room of the community is becoming more and more serious. The traditional blocking products such as sandbags, fire-resistant mud, and cement can no longer meet the needs of community users, and the blocking effects of traditional blocking products are average. The service life is generally 1 to 2 years, and some even need to be replaced in a shorter period. The inflatable pipe sealing device invented by Hangzhou Henma Power Technology Co., Ltd. can effectively solve the problem of blocking effect and blocking time. Community users provide perfect solutions.


This picture shows the case of a Beijing company using traditional plugging products before using inflatable pipe plugging products

According to the relevant needs of the community, the blocking user and the community blocking construction party provided information. Nowadays, the blocking has become a serious problem. The blocking effect cannot meet the requirements. After the blocking is completed, there will still be pipe leakage, and the blocking position is not very beautiful, especially Multiple pipelines are blocked, which basically fails to meet the requirements for blocking and waterproofing, and it takes a long time to fill up after the blocking is completed, which is not easy to remove and affects later maintenance and construction.



This picture is the effect picture after the use of Hangzhou Hengma inflatable pipes

After the plugging was completed, the acceptance party requested on-site testing for water seepage and resistance to water pressure. The acceptance party carried out 8 meters of water pressure infusion, and finally no water leakage occurred. The air-filled sealing device did not rush out of the pipeline due to water pressure, and multiple cables were blocked. There is no water seepage and other phenomena.

The inflatable pipe plugging device has received unanimous praise from many users for the plugging effect of the underground power distribution room of the community. There is no need to worry about the safety hazards caused by the water in the power distribution room, and the surface after the construction of the property construction party is convenient to install and does not need long To check whether there is water leakage in the pipe through the wall, it did solve the problem that they had been troubled with water leakage before, and highly recommended the use of products in the surrounding communities.