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Introduction and Properties of Damp-proof Plugging Agent

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Moisture plugging agent is generally recommended not to be placed more than 3 months, because the curing agent placed for a long time will be hydrolyzed, affecting the adhesive properties, when the color of the curing agent from the outside from light yellow to dark yellow, it is not recommended to use. Moisture-proof plugging agent is a new type of flexible, moisture-proof, fireproof plugging material.

  Moisture blocking agentIt is generally recommended not to place more than 3 months, because the curing agent will be hydrolyzed if placed for a long period of time, affecting the adhesive properties, and it is not recommended to use it when the color of the curing agent changes from light yellow to dark yellow from the outside. Moisture blocking agentIt is a new type of flexible, moisture-proof, fireproof plugging material, this plugging material adopts A/B two sets of material mixing automatic leveling penetration plugging. Low-voltage cabinet dehumidification device by maintaining the fluid state for not less than 15 minutes, immersed in the equipment, cables, pipelines between the gaps and holes, natural leveling, and then curing, forming a sealing effect.

  The polymer made by mixing the two components has good physical and mechanical properties. Excellent oxidation resistance, flame retardant and airtightness to stop condensation. Mixed and cured in a certain proportion to form a sealing body, which can effectively isolate the moisture in the cable trench can also prevent small animals from the bottom of the power cabinet. New environmentally friendly moisture-proof sealing material suitable for all electrical cabinet equipment. Moisture sealing agent is commonly used in outdoor 10KV high and low voltage switchgear, box-type transformer cabinets, cable branch boxes, ring network cabinets, ordinary box-type ring network cabinets, circuit breaker cabinets, fully insulated cabinets, 10kv outdoor switching station, power distribution network control cabinets, GGD switchgear junction box, xl-21 power cabinets, air box transformer, photovoltaic box transformer, plc control box, high-speed rail box variable, pump control box and other power electrical equipment.

  Moisture blocking agentProduct Characteristics:

  1. High stability: waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-virus, preventing small animals from breaking in, fire retardant.

  2. Simple operation: simple construction, single person operation, no need for assistance (electricity, fire, water, etc.).

  3. Good fluidity: full flow on the sealing surface before curing, automatic leveling.

  4. Environmental protection and corrosion resistance: low smoke, halogen-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, can withstand a variety of harsh environments.

  5. Tightly bonded: tightly bonded with the cable sheath and the surrounding building structure, no corrosive reaction.

  6. Solid structure: solid molecular closed cell matrix structure, strong toughness after molding, light weight, will not break or fall.

  7. Long-lasting effect: no deformation, no deterioration, no cracking after curing, service life of ≥ 10 years.

  8. Convenient construction: can be used to hang the floor or directly for the baseboard. Ideal for the protection of electrical equipment, the second opening is simple and convenient.