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Blocking case of a large-scale project in Shanghai, a Fortune 500 company

Blocking case of a large-scale project in Shanghai, a Fortune 500 company

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Inflatable cable duct sealing system device (IDSS) a large-scale project blocking case in Shanghai, a Fortune 500 company

In order to solve the problem of water leakage and plugging of multiple cables, our company should plug more than 5000 cable ducts in the project by a certain engineering construction unit. After 6 months of observing the plugging effect, the summary is as follows:

Before the installation of the inflatable cable duct sealing device (IDSS), a certain project in Shanghai had serious water leakage, and some even affected the progress of other projects and delayed the construction period. Among them, a variety of plugging devices were tried, but none of them met the requirements. Some even affected the later construction and increased the difficulty of the later construction.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Sealing environmental issues: many of them are single-tube independent, and there is no intentional support or fixation of part of the sealing device around.

2. The number of cables: there are empty tubes, single cables, multiple cables, etc.

3. Internal problems of blocked pipelines: Some pipelines are operated with water, so the pipeline adaptation period of waterproof plugging products must be close to zero.

4. Cable arrangement problem: Because the engineering department implements the policy of first construction and installation of cables and then plugging, many cable plugging positions are interleaved with each other. However, customer requirements do not allow the use of crowbars or Range Rover to move the original position of the cables, which makes construction more difficult Big.

After the preliminary investigation of the blocking situation and the demand-side blocking requirements, the company held a group meeting to discuss the blocking plan for the current situation. With the efforts of all employees of the company, after a quarter of blocking, the demand-side required more than 5,000 cables to be sealed The plugging was successfully completed and won unanimous praise from the buyer.