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In-depth introduction|LSR self-leveling polymer moisture sealer

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Take a look at LSR self-leveling polymer moisture sealer

        LSR self-leveling polymer moisture-proof sealing material is specially used in the new environmentally friendly moisture-proof sealant for distribution network outdoor ring network cabinet, box-type transformer, cable branch box, distribution network control cabinet and substation outdoor terminal box, institutional operation box, electric knife gate box, high and low voltage switchgear, convergence control unit cabinet with low viscosity, good fluidity, easy to infiltrate and so on, which effectively prevents the small animals and so on from the ground to enter into the closed cabinet, thus reducing the safety hazards; thus realizing the cabinet closed moisture-proof, which can prevent the cable mezzanine or trench moist air infiltration into the cabinet, providing a protective barrier for the production and operation equipment. Safety hazards; thus realizing the cabinet closed moisture-proof, can prevent the cable interlayer or trench moist air infiltration into the cabinet, for the production of running equipment to provide a solid protective barrier.

        LSR self-leveling polymer moisture-proof plugging material adopts polymer mixing technology, developed the corresponding high-activity chemical formula, can form a sufficient seal for the gap at the bottom of the electrical equipment; and resistant to freezing and thawing cycles at natural temperatures and a variety of harsh environments, with no deformation, no deterioration, no cracking; and a variety of metal materials, cable sheath materials can be tightly adhered to, and does not produce a chemical reaction; is the grid of electrical equipment, moisture-proof plugging material. Chemical reaction; is the safe operation of the grid electrical equipment, moisture sealing operations of the excellent program!

       Advantages of LSR self-leveling polymer moisture-proof plugging material:

        1、High safety waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, prevent small animals from attacking, fire-retardant

        2、Easy to operate easy construction, single person operation, without assistance (electricity, fire and water, etc.)

        3, good fluidity before curing in the sealing surface of the full flow and automatic leveling

        4, resistant to a variety of harsh environments corrosion resistance, can withstand a variety of harsh environments

        5, tight bonding with the cable sheath and the surrounding building structure closely, no corrosion reaction

        6, the structure is strong and sturdy molecular closed-cell matrix structure, molding toughness, light weight, will not be broken or falling

        7, long-lasting curing molding, no deformation, no deterioration, no cracking, service life ≥ 10 years

        8、Construction convenience can be used in overhanging floor or directly used on the base plate, is the ideal choice for safety protection of electrical equipment, and the second opening is simple and convenient.

 How to use LSR self-leveling polymer moisture-proof sealing material::The blocking agent cures before the sealing surface full automatic flow into the target area, without smoothing, easy construction. It can quickly and easily flow through complex penetration pipes or between cables and other cabinets, filling irregular surfaces and finally forming a solid shape.

        Component material: 2-in-1 polymer material with highly reactive chemicals

        Curing Properties: Forms a strong, closed-cell matrix when solidified.

        Chemical Resistance: Resistant to gasoline, oil, dilute acids and bases, substrates and most unsaturated hydrocarbons.

        Field Application: Mix the solution thoroughly, pour the mixed solution slowly onto the target surface, and the mixed solution will be ready for field application after it dries on the surface.

        Can be secondary construction: when the project needs new cable or secondary construction, can be used after the construction of carpenter's knife open holes, in the open holes poured into some self-leveling blocking agent to seal the area can be.