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On the fire plugging material in the cable shaft blocking in the attention of the problem

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Fire blocking material is an excellent fireproof material, but also a fruitful means of fire prevention, at present in a variety of need for fire protection of the building have been widely used, in the cable shaft blocking, fire blocking material also plays an important role, but at the same time also artificially exist some problems, the national norms of fireproof blocking there are clear provisions, but in some projects the implementation of the laxity of the construction of the emergence of new materials, new technologies, the current specification lags behind.

  Fireproof plugging is an excellent fireproofing material, but also a fruitful means of fire prevention, and is now widely used in a variety of buildings that need to be fireproofed in theCable shaft blockingIn the fire blocking material also plays an important role, but at the same time there are some problems artificially, the national norms of fire blocking has clear provisions, but in some projects in the implementation of laxity, for the emergence of new materials in the construction of new technologies, the current norms lag behind. Here we areCable shaft blockingIn the fire plugging problem to specifically analyze it.

  The main problems found in daily fire supervision are:

  (1) Pipes and cable shafts of high-rise buildings that pass through floor slabs are not separated by fireproofing with non-combustible bodies equivalent to the fire-resistance limit of the floor slabs at intervals of 2 to 3 floor slabs in accordance with national regulations.

  (2) Pipes and cable shafts of super high-rise buildings passing through floor slabs do not comply with the national requirements. Each floor is fire separated at the floor slab by a non-combustible body equivalent to the fire resistance limit of the floor slab.

  (3) Some cable wells and pipe wells are sealed according to code requirements. But the gap between the pipeline and cable tray is not filled with non-combustible materials.

  (4) The materials used for blocking do not meet the fire-resistant limit of the floor.

  (5) The gaps in the cable tray were not completely blocked and filled tightly. Especially after the building for electrical wiring remodeling or maintenance, often neglected to seal the tube wells after the fact.

  (6) improper selection of fire blocking material, affecting the effect of blocking, the existence of the above problems, is bound to affect the vertical fire and smoke separation, reducing the safety of fire separation facilities. Once the fire is very easy to make the smoke and fire spread in the whole building, resulting in significant property damage and casualties.

  Fire blocking material selection should pay attention to the issue of

  (1) The building fireproof plugging materials used in the design must be certified and qualified by the relevant national fire product quality supervision and testing center, and the manufacturer of fireproof plugging should provide technical guidance and training on the plugging materials and construction quality.

  (2) Fire blocking materials should be selected according to the gap location, size and penetration of the specific conditions. If necessary, suitable organic or inorganic blocking materials should also be used in combination with other blocking materials.

  (3) After fire blocking, the blocking material shall be able to be used in conjunction with the components. And meet the fire resistance limit requirements of the corresponding partition components.

  (4) Fire blocking materials selected in the building design should be compatible with environmental conditions, such as the temperature and humidity of the building in use.