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Jinhua IDSS (optical cable blocking)

Jinhua IDSS (optical cable blocking)

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It has been more than 10 years since the state and relevant parts required that optical cables were blocked. Currently, cement is generally used for plugging in the market, but due to the partial characteristics of cement, the plugging requirements cannot be met. Later, the replacement of fire-resistant mud for plugging is still an alternative plugging product that has not achieved the expected effect.

      the reason

The cable underground well for laying the optical cable is a small cubic well. There will be a cable underground well for laying the optical cable every 50-60 (unit meters). Sometimes the optical cable and the cable are in the same well, so the cable laying is blocked. The problems to be solved for cable wells exist at the same time and due to the particularity of cable wells for laying optical cables, the plugging requirements have increased.

(1) Prevent sediment from filling the pipeline.

(2) Prevent small animals (rats) from corroding optical cables or entering user areas along optical cable ducts.

(3) Prevent water from entering the pipeline.

      implementation plan

(1) Clean the pipe walls and optical cables to remove the previous sediment, cement, and fire-resistant mud.

(2) Use an inflatable cable duct sealing device (IDSS) for plugging and sealing.