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Introduction of common methods for cable duct plugging

Introduction of common methods for cable duct plugging

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   1. Cable duct plugging-cement mortar plugging waterproof coating
   This method uses the "earth method" of self-design and decoration. The advantage is that as long as a skilled craftsman, the appearance is beautiful enough. But there are also many problems. This method can wipe a small cavity, but how do workers wipe the cement mortar of a larger cavity? Usually, there is no less than one cable, and how to construct it is also a difficult point.
   Even if the construction has been completed, it is well known that the cracking of cement mortar is a big problem. After all, waterproof coating is a "plastic film". Cracks and water leakage are inevitable. It can be seen that this method has greater limitations, and its effect can only be seen in the short term.
   2. Cable duct plugging-epoxy resin plugging
   Similar to the above method, but this method seems to be able to completely avoid water leakage. However, with this method, the cable will be firmly enclosed in the housing. If you want to perform maintenance in the future, there is only one way to knock on the wall. In this way, the cable is easily damaged.
  3. Cable duct plugging-blocking with fireproof mud
   Compared with the above two methods, this construction method is convenient, and the subsequent maintenance of the cable will not be too problematic. The fireproof ability of fireproof mud is undoubted, but how does mud waterproof?
  Using refractory mud to block the cable hole will make the cable hole unsightly, which is also one of the disadvantages.
   In addition, the above three methods have certain requirements for the installation environment, such as temperature, curing time, water flow, etc.
  4. Cable duct plugging-inflatable sealing bag plugging
  As a new type of cable duct plugging method, this method has been widely used in European and American countries.
The core component of    inflatable cable duct sealing bag "inflatable tube plug" is a sealed air bag made of polymer aluminum foil composite material. The inside and outside of the inflatable tube plug (the side with the inflatable hole is the outer side, and the inner side is the reverse side) are equipped with high-performance waterproof rubber strips and foam rubber strips, which are equipped with inflatable holes on the outside of the inflatable tube plug. The hose is inserted into the inflation hole for pressurized installation. The cable duct is blocked, and the product under the inflatable hole is equipped with a silicone material that can be automatically backfilled. It has the following obvious characteristics:
   1. Underground cable ducts, through holes and nozzles of special ducts are blocked and sealed. It is widely used for pipes of various materials and specifications, such as metal, plastic, cement, fiberglass, etc. Empty pipes without cables, cables with cables, and multiple cables in the same pipe can be installed normally. Cable duct plugging
   2. Prevent underground sewage, humid air, silt, etc. from infiltrating into the pipeline or entering the underground machine room through the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline is dry and clean.
  3. Prevent harmful gas from entering the pipeline or intruding into the underground machine room through the pipeline, and eliminate potential safety hazards. Cable duct plugging
  4. Prevent small animals and insects from entering the pipeline to flow and multiply, prevent small animals from entering underground equipment through the pipeline, and eliminate potential safety hazards caused by small animals chewing on cables.
  5. The operation characteristics of quick installation and quick disassembly save time and labor cost, which is convenient for future maintenance of the cable duct.
   6. This product forms a flexible buffer area between the pipe opening and the cable to avoid possible cable wear due to low-frequency vibration and the up and down movement of the cable tray. Cable duct plugging