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Treatment method of cable duct blockage

Treatment method of cable duct blockage

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   In recent years, the amount of rainfall has increased. Especially this year, many places have been severely affected, causing large areas of underground power projects to accumulate water and even accidental electric shocks. The cable duct was blocked. During this period, our company received many calls from customers requesting to solve the problem of water seepage and water leakage in the cable well. Customers usually report that the cable well itself does not leak too much, but the cable duct has water leakage and seepage. This makes them a headache. What are the ways to deal with the blockage of cable ducts? Let’s introduce them below.

   1. In the past, some cement mortar was used to plug the holes in the substation. These measures can cure the symptoms but cannot cure them, or cause damage to the cable and cable protection tube. The cable duct is blocked. After a period of time, the constructor cannot effectively deal with the problems left over from history.

  2. Sometimes, some holes can be blocked with conventional materials, but as time goes by, small gaps will also cause "long water flow", which cannot achieve the effect of dripping water. Cable duct plugging

   3. Water leakage in the cable duct will cause a large area of ​​water to accumulate in the cable well, and the cable will corrode for a long time, thereby affecting electrical performance. Now there is a problem. After pumping, the cable well was messed up by debris, snakes, mice and other insects, which seriously affected the construction. Cable duct plugging

  In view of the above problems, it is recommended to plug the cable duct, which can effectively seal the leakage of the cable duct, which is much better than the traditional cement and grout construction methods.

   1. The construction process is very convenient, basically no need to consider environmental factors, and no need to dissolve and mix raw materials and other procedures.

   2. Both sides of the cable duct are equipped with waterproof rubber strips. After injecting about 0.3 MPa of gas into the bag, the waterproof rubber strip will firmly adhere to the inner wall of the pipe and the surface of the cable under the action of the internal air pressure. Achieve a thorough waterproof sealing effect.

  3. Multiple cables can also be blocked. In the construction process of cable duct plugging, first use waterproof tape to wrap and fix a single cable, and then use FAJN inflatable cable duct sealing bag to wrap multiple cables together to eliminate water leakage in the cable duct.