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The cause of condensation in the ring main unit How to solve the condensation of the ring main unit

The cause of condensation in the ring main unit How to solve the condensation of the ring main unit

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   1. Analysis of the cause of condensation in the ring main unit
   1. In a certain temperature of air, the maximum content of water vapor is called saturated water vapor, and the air at this time is called saturated air; when the temperature of saturated air drops, the water vapor in the air will condense into water droplets. The temperature is called the dew point temperature.
   2. Under certain temperature conditions, the higher the relative humidity in the air, the closer the ambient temperature is to the dew point temperature, the easier condensation will occur, and the dew point temperature will always be lower than the ambient temperature.
  3. Environmental reasons: Our province is located at the source of the Yellow River, Yangtze River and Lancang River. In the rainy season, the air humidity is high and the temperature difference is large. "Ring network cabinet" equipment is installed outdoors, and humid air enters along the gaps of the cabinet. Due to temperature differences, condensed water will form in the cabinet.
  4. The status quo of the "ring network cabinet": According to various cabinet materials, production, installation processes, imperfect fire protection seals, design defects, and statistics on defects that cannot dissipate moisture in time after rain, the humid air from the outside is likely to infiltrate the cabinet and gather.
   5. The main body of the ring network cabinet is directly connected to the base well of the cabinet, and the gap in between is sealed with plasticine. Most of the time, there is a certain amount of water in the cable well, and the temperature in the well is higher than room temperature, resulting in more water vapor. Under normal circumstances, water vapor moves upwards, part of it is discharged through the vents of the base of the ring main unit, and part of it enters the ring main unit through some holes in the base of the ring main unit. When the external temperature changes, condensation will occur on the top of the ring main unit.

   2. Treatment method of ring network cabinet condensation
  method 1:
   Install aluminum alloy heaters (usually 150W) in the box-type cable compartment and the circuit breaker compartment. When the aluminum alloy heater is working, its surface temperature is 120°C~130°C. Automatic cutting by manual or controller. This method can only re-evaporate the condensed water droplets, but cannot discharge water vapor from the ring-shaped body.
  Method 2:
  The ring network cabinet box is equipped with a semiconductor anti-condensation automatic dehumidifier, which can automatically remove the moisture in the air in the box to achieve the effect of dehumidification and moisture prevention.