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How to solve the condensation of ring network cabinet, what is the solution?

How to solve the condensation of ring network cabinet, what is the solution?

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   As far as the traditional treatment method is concerned, the general method to solve the moisture and condensation problems of the ring network cabinet is to install an electric heater, a fan, a desiccant or a sealed cabinet. All of these methods can prevent problems such as moisture and condensate in the cabinet and can be solved in a short time, but they cannot solve the problem of humidity in the cabinet.

   1. The condensation of the ring network cabinet uses electric heaters to heat the inside of the equipment to solve the condensation phenomenon, but this method cannot fundamentally eliminate the condensation phenomenon, because this method will only increase the unsaturation of water vapor in the air and will not be discharged Steam in the water cabinet.

   2. Use a moisture-proof agent to hang silicone bags or other water-absorbing materials in the cabinet. However, because its water absorption effect is limited and it is difficult to discharge the absorbed water, the effect is usually not obvious and the maintenance workload is increased.

  3. Use a fan to reduce the humidity in the electrical cabinet through air convection and exchange with external dry air. When the environmental humidity is high, it will not work, which can easily cause dust and dirt to enter and cannot achieve the purpose of moisture prevention.

   4. Blocking with cement can only reduce the entry of water vapor, but cannot prevent the entry of humid air.

   Through the above analysis, the condensation treatment method of the ring main unit is not very satisfactory, nor can it fundamentally solve the moisture-proof problem. So how to solve the condensation of the ring network cabinet? A relatively long-term effective method for the moisture in the ring network cabinet is to install the SEPRI-CS-NL(V) anti-condensation device in the cabinet, which is very small and can be used in large substations . Drain the water in the cabinet from the cabinet through a hose. The anti-condensation device is an all-weather intelligent dehumidifier, which can realize automatic dehumidification. When the humidity in the cabinet exceeds the standard, it will automatically run to reduce the humidity in the cabinet.