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Anti-condensation plugging agent Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent anti-condensation solution

Anti-condensation plugging agent Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent anti-condensation solution

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   1. The cause of condensation

   1. The temperature difference between day and night varies greatly, and the humidity is high.

   2. The connection hole between the bottom of the cabinet and the cable trough is not blocked or there is a gap, so the water in the cable trough can be introduced into the cabinet through the hole or gap, but it cannot be removed in time.

   3. Turning on the heater in some cabinets will cause the moisture to evaporate into the steam in the cabinet, thereby forming a large amount of condensate on the bottom, top and walls of the cabinet.

   2. Consequences of condensation

The dew formed on the wiring terminal block in the outdoor cabinet will corrode the metal conductive parts on the terminal block, and cause heavy corrosion or other impurities such as dust to cause AC and DC short circuit grounding. DC grounding is extremely harmful to the stable operation of the substation. Great harm.

The dew formed on the switch or knife switch operating mechanism will corrode the metal parts in the mechanism, affect the service life of the mechanism, and even cause the mechanism to jam due to rust, causing the switch or knife switch to operate in place when the switch is opened and closed. Slow opening and closing of the dynamic and static contacts of the switch will cause a great electrical accident, especially when the switch has not been operated for a long time, the corrosion phenomenon will be more serious.

When the outdoor cabinet has condensation, it will reduce its insulation, which may cause creepage or flashover, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment, especially if some equipment is out of service, its internal temperature is lower and it is easier to Condensation is formed on the surface, and accidents are prone to occur once power is supplied.

   Three, anti-condensation blocking agent solution

   1. Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent

  Linghang Electric’s polymer moisture-proof barrier material completely seals the cable entry and gap at the bottom of the cabinet, which can effectively prevent moist air or small animals from entering the cabinet from the bottom of the cabinet. Linghang Electric’s polymer moisture-proof plugging agent adopts high-molecular-polymer mixing technology and high-active chemical substance formula to fully seal the bottom gap of electrical equipment; anti-condensation plugging agent polymer moisture-proof plugging agent, it can withstand The freeze-thaw cycle of natural temperature and various harsh environments, and does not deform, has the characteristics of no deterioration, and no cracking. It can be closely combined with various metal materials and cable sheath materials, and will not produce adverse chemical reactions; it is an excellent solution for the safe operation of power grid electrical equipment and moisture-proof blocking operation.

   2. Intelligent dehumidification device, completely remove moisture

  LH3000 intelligent anti-condensation dehumidification device of Linghang Electric adopts advanced semiconductor condensation technology to condense the humid air in the cabinet into water droplets, and finally drain the cabinet through the drain pipe. Linghang Electric’s intelligent anti-condensation dehumidification device adopts condensation dehumidification method, with a variety of dehumidification working methods; low power consumption, long service life, high stability; multiple dehumidification working methods Zhuhai Linghang Electric’s intelligent dehumidifier is equipped with a monitoring host And mobile APP application terminal. The system uses cloud services as a platform, anti-condensation plugging agent and polymer moisture-proof plugging agent to make full use of the IoT sensing capabilities of field devices. It can detect dehumidifiers, temperature and humidity sensors, exhaust fans and fire smoke in the power distribution room. Real-time data from field devices such as sensor detection devices, flood monitoring devices, infrared intrusion detection devices, etc. realize low-cost remote collection, and facilitate operation and maintenance personnel to grasp the operating status information of the distribution network terminal at any time.

   Anti-condensation blocking agent Polymer moisture-proof blocking agent

  3. Terminal polymer moisture-proof sealant

   Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent can effectively prevent surface creep caused by condensation. The polymer terminal moisture-proof sealant has good peelability, electrical corrosion resistance, durability, and can prevent traces of electrical leakage.