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Product background and characteristics of anti-condensation blocking agent

Product background and characteristics of anti-condensation blocking agent

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  Product background of anti-condensation blocking agent:

  When the absolute humidity reaches the saturated water vapor of the air, when the air temperature is lower than the dew point temperature (for example, when encountering a cabinet with a temperature lower than the dew point temperature, condensation will occur). Anti-condensation blocking agent, moisture and water in the operating environment of electrical equipment are the main factors that affect the stable operation and use efficiency of electrical equipment. The main factors of moisture and moisture accumulation in the operating environment of electrical equipment: electrical equipment is not tightly sealed-the electrical equipment and the cable half-layer/groove connection part is not sealed, the cable half-layer/groove is moist. Gas enters the electrical device along the gap. Anti-condensation blocking agent, therefore, how to effectively prevent water vapor in the cable trench from entering the distribution cabinet is the key to preventing condensation.

   Anti-condensation plugging agent is a highly active chemical substance developed through polymer matrix technology. After mixing and mixing on site, the three components of ABC can quickly self-level, and then expand and solidify to form a sealed body. The anti-condensation blocking agent is suitable for: high and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substations, cable branch boxes, switch stations, toroidal power supplies, American box-type transformers, junction boxes, bellows-type transformers, photovoltaic box-type transformers, high-speed rail special box-type The anti-condensation function for the entry and exit of the cable room of power equipment such as transformers, the anti-condensation blocking agent completely blocks the source of condensation and moisture, and fundamentally eliminates condensation and small animals entering the power distribution cabinet, thereby causing electrical safety hazards.

Features of    anti-condensation blocking agent:

  1. Self-leveling, expansion, sealing, easy construction

  2, the anti-condensation blocking agent is waterproof, moisture-proof, and animal-proof: After curing, it will form a hard inner and outer soft enclosed body with a closed cell rate of 99%. It completely isolates water vapor and prevents small animals from entering the inside of the electrical cabinet.

   3. After the anti-condensation plugging agent is foamed, the volume expands to 6 to 7 times, and the density is only 0.2g/cm³

  4. Good heat insulation performance, effectively preventing the temperature of water vapor in the cable trench from affecting the temperature change in the distribution cabinet

   5. The anti-condensation plugging agent is easy to expand and facilitates secondary construction. After curing, a solid with a hard exterior and a soft interior will be formed. It is easy to expand when increasing. Holes can be easily punched without special tools.

   6. High bonding strength, good bonding effect with PE/concrete and steel plate

  7. Flame retardant: FV0 level

   8. Halogen-free

   9. The anti-condensation plugging agent has a long service life: more than 20 years

  10. The reaction temperature is lower than 50°C, and the cable will not be damaged

  11. Anti-condensation blocking agent applicable temperature -30℃~90℃

  12. Long shelf life of composite materials: 12 months