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Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

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  1. The structure of inorganic fire barrier materials

  A. According to the size of the fortress hole, the cable hole plugging should be constructed in strict accordance with the requirements of the product description. When the area of ​​the hole is greater than 0.2m and there may be pedestrians, inorganic partitions should be used to reinforce the bottom plate.

  B. When an inorganic fireproof material is used to construct a fireproof barrier, it should be smooth and clean without corners and burrs.

  C. A fire barrier should be set on the frame of the cable support (support), and the structure should be firm; cable holes and drainage holes should be reserved at the bottom.

   Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

  2. The structure of organic fireproof materials

  A. The organic fireproof material should be embedded tightly in the hole to block it during construction.

   Organic fireproof material

  B. According to design requirements, when a layer of organic fire barrier material needs to be wrapped around the cable, it should be evenly and densely wrapped as shown in the figure.

  C. When partitions and organic fire barrier materials are used for barriers, the organic fire barrier materials should be slightly higher than the partitions, and the higher part should have a regular shape and can be formed with aluminum alloy frames.

  D. The two ports of the cable reserved hole and the cable protection tube should be tightly sealed with organic leak-off materials. The depth of the plugging material buried in the nozzle should not be less than 50mm, and the reserved hole should be smoothly blocked.

   Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

   3. Fire protection package construction

  A. Before installation, arrange the cables as needed and check whether the fireproof bag is damaged. Do not use damaged fireproof bags.

  B. Wrap a layer of organic fire barrier material around the cable, and evenly embed the fireproof bag in the gap, and then stack the fireproof bag crosswise.

  C. When using fireproof bags on the cable shaft, a fireproof partition of the same size as the hole should be placed at the lower end of the shaft hole, and the fireproof bags must be densely stacked.

  D. When building a fire-resistant wall with fire-resistant packaging, the bottom of the fire-resistant wall should be constructed with bricks.

   Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

   4. Fireproof partition structure

  A. Check the appearance quality of the partition before installation.

  B. Install two groups of special hook bolts on the support arm of the bracket to make the partition and the cable bracket (bracket) firmly fixed; the partition is vertical or parallel to the support, and the whole should be at the same level. The bare bolt head cannot be too long, and special washers should be used.

  C. There should be a 50mm lap joint between the partitions, fixed with bolts, and use special washers. The gaps and most of the gaps during installation should be sealed with organic fireproof materials.

  D. When blocking the hole with a partition, it should be firmly and flatly fixed, and the fixing method should meet the design requirements.

   Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

   5. Fireproof coating construction

  A. Before construction, remove dust and oil on the cable surface. Before painting, mix the paint evenly (mix in a certain proportion) and control the proper consistency.

  B. When painting horizontally laid cables, paint evenly along the cable direction; for vertically laid cables, paint from top to bottom. The number of brushing should be 2 to 3 times and the thickness should be 1mm. Uniform, and the interval between each coating is not less than the specified time. For details, please refer to the coating specifications.

  C. When cables are laid densely or in bundles, they should be painted layer by layer without losing them.

   Introduction to common methods of plugging cable holes

   6. The structure of self-adhesive fireproof tape

   Before construction, cables should be laid out first, and construction should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the product description. It is allowed to use self-adhesive fireproof tape to wrap multiple small-section cables, and the end gap should be sealed with organic fireproof material.