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Design Concept of Column Tube Blocker

Design Concept of Column Tube Blocker

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  concept of design
  After investigation and research, there are some problems in the management of the market column. If rainwater enters the tube, the cable will be soaked in the water for a long time. Although some treatment methods are to drill holes at the bottom of the column tube to achieve the effect of draining rainwater, after a long time, small animals or dead leaves and other debris will enter the column tube, block the drainage hole, and cause damage and impact to the cable. Even more serious is that it may cause leakage and large-scale blackouts.
According to the current market demand, our company independently developed a simple, convenient and effective column tube occluder product, which can well solve the current column cable problems, reduce the loss of the power supply department, and improve its power supply safety efficiency And service levels.
   material structure
  The main body of the column tube occluder protector is composed of reinforced nylon and sealing rubber. Reinforced nylon has excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, self-extinguishing and good dimensional stability. Sealing rubber is a polymer material with high elasticity. Secondly, the column tube occluder has good air permeability, resistance to various chemical media and electrical insulation. Given small stresses in different media, large deformations will occur, thereby providing contact pressure, compensating for leakage gaps, and achieving the purpose of sealing.
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