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The difference between cable tube occluder and traditional sealer

The difference between cable tube occluder and traditional sealer

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   Sealing effect

   Cable pipe plugging device effectively prevents water, silt, debris and small animals from entering the pipe and damaging the cable. It can withstand greater pressure and effectively isolate open flames. The cable is stable and suitable for all kinds of pipelines. It has better anti-theft effect and can better resist harsh environments. The traditional sealer has short use time, poor compression ability, does not touch sharp objects, is easy to leak, has poor sealing effect, and cannot be recycled. The service life is short, the carrying capacity is poor, it is easy to age, crack and break, and the entry of debris will affect the use of the cable. Cable tube occluder

  Installation aspect

  The installation of the cable pipe plugging device adopts mechanical operation, the installation and disassembly are simple and convenient, and general workers can complete it without being affected by the surrounding weather. The traditional sealer is electrified during installation, and the cable insulation has no effect. Construction requires special tools and professionals, which is very dangerous because of the high air pressure during inflation. Installation is very troublesome, requires other accessories to be used together, and is affected by the surrounding weather. Cable tube occluder

  Scope of application

   Cable pipe plugging device is suitable for pipes of all materials, empty pipes, pipes with cables and water, etc. Not affected by the direction of the nozzle. It is suitable for relatively large pipelines. Because inflation requires relatively large air pressure, pipe materials are required. The traditional sealer is affected by the environment. If the nozzle is downward, it should not be used because it will easily fall off.


  The inner ring of the cable tube occluder is made of flexible sealing material, road vibration and cable vibration

   has no effect on the cable; using new flame-retardant materials, with high insulation edge waterproof, can effectively isolate open water, effectively prevent water accumulation

   Mud, debris, small animal bites. Traditional sealers are prone to air leakage for a long time, and sharp objects are easy to pierce and lose their effect. It is easy to age and fall off, affecting cable maintenance and capacity increase; and water and silt are easy to enter. Cable tube occluder

   use aspect

   The cable tube occluder can be reused many times and has a service life of more than 15 years. Traditional sealers are disposable and prone to aging. In terms of cost. The unit price is slightly higher, but it has a long service life, can be reused many times, and the total cost is low. The unit cost is average, and the total cost of long-term maintenance is high. The unit price is very low and needs to be replaced regularly.