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Cable duct sealing device production background

Cable duct sealing device production background

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   The cable duct sealing device is a new type of duct sealing system with independent intellectual property rights that has absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The system provides complete waterproof sealing for various pipes such as plastic, steel and concrete. The cable duct sealing device can effectively prevent water from leaking into the pipe hole on the user side, the basement of the substation or the receiving room.

   With the rapid development of my country's economy and the gradual improvement of various urban infrastructures, cable duct sealing devices. Higher requirements and standards are put forward for the construction and maintenance of underground pipelines. Underground communication and power pipelines are generally made of plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastics, cement and other materials, buried in pre-dug underground trenches, and artificial wells are set at a certain distance, which are used for the safety management of pipelines such as wiring, inspection, maintenance and repair. Working point. Cable duct sealing device, under normal circumstances, cement is the main body of the artificial well at the working point. Since the pipelines between each well are connected, if the pipelines are not waterproof and sealed or handled improperly, rainwater, sewage, silt, etc. will be produced. The cable duct sealing device will penetrate the duct for a long time, or mice and insects will break in and multiply, die and rot, which will cause the cable to break. At the same time, the workload of pipeline pumping and maintenance has increased greatly, especially because a certain section of the cable fails to pump in time. Therefore, a convenient and quick method is needed to solve this problem.

At present, there are generally several treatment methods: Method 1: It is an overall solution for artificial wells, cable pipe sealing devices are quite expensive and not suitable for promotion; Method 2: Use cement, plugging agent, cement and other materials to seal the pipeline Blocking. The disadvantage of these methods is that due to thermal expansion and shrinkage cracking, the waterproof effect between the material and the pipe will be lost. The cable duct sealing device, in addition, as long as the repair of the cable will damage the duct sealing material, it needs to be resealed, which is not conducive to the future expansion of the cable. Since the pipeline has been repaired and blocked and needs to be repaired, the entire pipeline may be damaged; Method 3: The cable duct sealing device independently developed by a domestic company solves this problem well.