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Analysis on the importance of inflatable cable duct plugging

Analysis on the importance of inflatable cable duct plugging

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   A fire caused by a cable failure will cause a large area of ​​the cable to burn, and production cannot be resumed in a short time, causing huge economic losses. Through accident analysis, the main causes of cable trench fires are poor manufacturing quality of the cable middle head, loose crimping, excessive contact voltage, overheating of the cable head, and insulation burn through due to long-term operation. The inflatable cable duct was blocked, and finally, it caused the cable trench to catch fire.
   Dozens of similar accidents have occurred in China, seriously threatening the safe operation of power plants. In summary, the cable trench fire is mainly caused by the poor quality of the power cable middle head. Through the analysis of many accidents, it is found that from overheating of the cable head to the accident, the development speed is slow and the time is long. The plugging of the inflatable cable duct can completely prevent and eliminate such accidents. The crimp quality of the middle end of the cable is good or bad. Only in operation can it be found that the longer the operation time, the easier it is to cause overheating burn-through accidents. According to statistics, after 10 years of construction, more than 90% of the cable heads produced by the power plant infrastructure have been replaced due to quality problems. Although most power plants have spent huge sums of money to implement fire-proof plugging in cable trenches and plugging of inflatable cable ducts with ordinary fire alarm devices, cable trench fires still occur from time to time. These measures can only reduce the scope of accidents after cable fires, but cannot fundamentally limit and reduce the occurrence of fires. Cable online monitoring is an effective and feasible method to fundamentally limit the occurrence of cable trench fires. Therefore, it is very important to install inflatable cable ducts.

Hangzhou Hengma Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of inflatable cable duct plugging. The Hengma people adhere to the business tenet of quality and integrity, and adhere to the original spirit of pioneering and innovative, and striving for perfection. They have long-term cooperation with Zhejiang University and East China University of Science and Technology. The school carried out cooperative development and obtained one invention patent and three utility model patents; strong technical strength for the Hemmer brand blocking products in overseas (EU, Southeast Asia, America) markets and the domestic National Grid, China Southern Power Grid, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and other customers provide high-quality service support.