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How to use the lead tube occluder

How to use the lead tube occluder

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  The lead tube plugging device is made of high-quality natural rubber through high-temperature vulcanization process, and is produced in strict accordance with construction standards. It has the characteristics of simple operation, durability, high safety performance, high construction efficiency, reusability and resource saving. The lead pipe occluder can also be called pipeline water blocking air bag, water blocking air bag and rubber water blocking air bag, which can block the water flow in the pipeline simply and quickly. Each air bag should be tested under the corresponding rated working pressure and corresponding pipe diameter before leaving the factory, so please rest assured to buy. The lead pipe plugging device is suitable for plugging underground drainage pipes, conducting closed water and air closed tests, finding leaks and maintenance tests.
  How to use the lead pipe occluder: put the occluder into the nozzle to be blocked, put all the occluders into the pipeline, and then fill the compressed air from the inlet valve to the specified pressure, and then start the construction. After the construction is over, open the air intake valve to release the air and take out the plug. If you will not use it for a long time, please clean the surface of the plug and store it in a cool and dry place. If you find that the lead pipe occluder is leaking, you can use a grinding wheel to rough the area that needs to be repaired, and then apply glue to cover the hot film.

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