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Engineering case

A manufacturer specializing in inflatable cable duct sealing devices


  • Beautiful Jiangnan, excellent blocking


    The technicians of Hangzhou Hengma Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. rushed to Jiangnan Town to assist the construction team with construction guidance. Its hollow pipe sealing plug has good performance, highly ornamental appearance, and its ability to quickly solve the plugging problem, making the hollow pipe sealing plug a new generation of plugging "new favorite" in the region. On-site construction comparison chart:   Product name: hollow pipe sealing plug  

  • Report on Comprehensive Treatment of Rodents in Fujian Power Station


    Site condition Some substations in Shouning, Fujian are severely infested with rats. The rats bite the outer insulating rubber of the wires, causing short circuits in some areas. The site environment is harsh, and combined with the actual situation of the technicians’ field investigations, Hangzhou Hengma proposed a comprehensive plugging treatment plan. Use BBS anti-condensation blocking materials, various plugging devices, fire-proof mud, fire-proof board and other cable and pipe blocking products for on-site construction. After a week of construction, breakthrough progress was made and the problem was solved from the root cause. There is a problem 1. The original plugging of underground cable trenches is all using foam, rags and other debris for random landfill, so the plugging is not tightly sealed, causing small animals to enter and damage the cable. 2. The initial civil construction between the pipeline and the pipeline was not carried out in accordance with high standards and strict requirements, resulting in serious water leakage. 3. The openings of the inlet and outlet holes are random and the same as those in public places, which may lead to rodent infestation. Construction difficulties 1. Complicated working conditions and poor environmental conditions. 2. There are many incoming and outgoing lines, and the import and export are irregular. 3. The construction height is above 6m. 4. The required product specifications are different and the types are complex. 5. Rat infestation and serious water leakage.     solution 1. For standardized and regular underground cable trench pipelines. Selected products: cable duct plugging device, inflatable cable duct plugging device.   2. Aimed at non-standardized and irregular underground cable trench pipelines. Product selection: Inflatable cable duct plugging device. 3. Aimed at the irregular gap between the pipe and the pipe. Optional products: BBS anti-condensation blocking materials. Comprehensive treatment of various blocking products is adopted to achieve the "three preventions" effect of fire prevention, waterproofing and prevention of small animals. Site construction drawing          

  • Blocking of power distribution room---no we can't do it, only you can't think of it!


    Product: Inflatable cable duct sealing device IDSS-1 160, inflation tool Function: plugging and waterproofing Application: Power distribution cabinet, foundation pit plugging Causes of demand products The external wall of a power distribution house in a community in Hefei, Anhui has serious water seepage, which greatly disturbs the lives of nearby residents. In addition, there is water leakage between the external foundation pits of the power distribution room, which affects the work of the staff who buried cables in the foundation pit, resulting in increased workload, affecting power transmission, and reducing efficiency. Installation problems and solutions 1. The construction environment is poor, the second construction has been carried out, and the gravel accumulation is serious. 2. The reserved pipeline conditions are backward, the pipeline is made of steel, and the rust is serious. 3. Irregular nozzle and serious deformation. I. Remove sand and gravel around construction to create favorable construction conditions. II. Place inflatable products reasonably to ensure the sealing effect. III. Install according to the correct steps to extend the service life of the product. Site construction pictures    

  • How to deal with the difficulty of Zhuhai foundation pit construction? Henma gives the answer online!


    When a certain project in Zhuhai was constructed in a foundation pit, the groundwater leakage was serious and the content of sediment was large, which greatly increased the difficulty of construction and affected the efficiency of the project. But our company's cable duct plugging device solves this problem very well.

  • Waterproof plugging project for incoming line of Hebei 110kv substation


    There were many thunderstorms and typhoons in August.

  • Cable casing plugging of 110KV Hengban line at Jinjiang Airport


    Jinjiang Airport Connecting Line, 110KV Yokosaka Line’s cable bushing is plugged. The bushing is corrugated. It is difficult to fill seamlessly with mechanical plugging products, but the inflatable cable duct sealer used can be very good To make the pipeline completely sealed. The inflatable cable duct sealer is a flexible pipe plugging device, which is more compatible with the pipe. Whether it is corrugated or deformed, it can be well adapted to the pipe and be filled without cracks. .

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