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Inflatable cable duct blocker?

Inflatable cable duct blocker?

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After the cable duct is worn through the cable, the blocking becomes a problem. Before that, cement was used to seal the cable duct. Now all inflatable cable duct sealing devices are used instead, because the cement-sealed cable is fixed and basically unable to move. When a fault occurs, it is difficult to disassemble, and it is easy to break the cable when disassembling, it is difficult to carry out work, and the cost is relatively high.
The cable passes through the wall. This part is relatively complicated. If it is not done well, it will cause many problems. At present, inflatable pipe sealing devices are mostly used to solve the plugging problem. This is a flexible plugging technology. The plugging effect achieved by inflation expansion is processed into a sealed inflatable seal with a special customized composite metal material. The bag is inflated with a special inflatable tool to complete the inflatable plugging of the cable duct hole. This technology is convenient to install, safe and reliable, and can be completed in one step, which fundamentally solves the problems of water immersion, rodent prevention, and small animal intrusion.