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Blocking of power distribution room---no we can't do it, only you can't think of it!

Blocking of power distribution room---no we can't do it, only you can't think of it!

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Product: Inflatable cable duct sealing device IDSS-1 160, inflation tool

Function: plugging and waterproofing

Application: Power distribution cabinet, foundation pit plugging


Causes of demand products

The external wall of a power distribution house in a community in Hefei, Anhui has serious water seepage, which greatly disturbs the lives of nearby residents. In addition, there is water leakage between the external foundation pits of the power distribution room, which affects the work of the staff who buried cables in the foundation pit, resulting in increased workload, affecting power transmission, and reducing efficiency.

Installation problems and solutions

1. The construction environment is poor, the second construction has been carried out, and the gravel accumulation is serious.

2. The reserved pipeline conditions are backward, the pipeline is made of steel, and the rust is serious.

3. Irregular nozzle and serious deformation.

I. Remove sand and gravel around construction to create favorable construction conditions.

II. Place inflatable products reasonably to ensure the sealing effect.

III. Install according to the correct steps to extend the service life of the product.

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