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Waterproof plugging project for incoming line of Hebei 110kv substation

Waterproof plugging project for incoming line of Hebei 110kv substation

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There were many thunderstorms and typhoons in August. When a heavy rain fell, the rainwater flowed down the cable duct to the cable trench. Even if the hole was originally blocked with cement, the cement was washed away because of the high water pressure, causing the cable trench The internal water accumulation is very serious. Looking at the pool in the ditch, are you also facing this problem?

Last week, our company’s technicians visited the basement of the 110kv substation of a power supply company in Hebei. Due to continuous rainstorms, the water depth of the basement was as high as 2 meters. Some of the holes that were originally blocked by cement were also peeled off, and some of them were continuously flowing out. In order to meet the requirements of the leaders of the power company to install an inflatable cable duct plugging device to completely block the cable duct opening, the construction staff first drained the stagnant water in the trench. Because the stagnant water was too deep, it took a full hour to pump Clean up the stagnant water. The drainage system is imperfect, and the discharged water flows to nearby farmland, which can easily cause harm to crops.



In this case, we strongly recommend the use of an inflatable cable duct blocking device, which can not only be completely waterproof, but also can be used for empty pipes and threaded pipes. It is simple to install, easy to disassemble, and easy to maintain. During the installation process, our company gave an explanation to the construction personnel. During the subsequent installation process, the construction personnel directly called for simple and convenient express delivery.

Cement and water repellent are used for mixing before sealing, but the drawbacks of this traditional sealing are obvious.
Disadvantages of traditional plugging: the material and the pipe will crack due to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in loss of waterproof function. In addition, as long as the cable is repaired and other operations, the pipe sealing material will be damaged and need to be resealed. It is inconvenient to expand the capacity, because the pipeline has been fixed so it may damage the entire pipeline.