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On-site teaching of Yunxiao civil low-voltage reconstruction project plugging

On-site teaching of Yunxiao civil low-voltage reconstruction project plugging

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Zhangzhou Yunxiao Power Supply Company's civil low-voltage reconstruction project has heavy engineering tasks. In order to complete the cable hole plugging reconstruction project as soon as possible, each construction team worked overtime. Our company also sent professional technicians to conduct on-site teaching and guidance. According to various special situations of reserved pipelines and cable threading pipelines, different plugging devices are used for plugging. The following is a picture taken by the company’s technicians on site before blocking. It is very representative. The left pipeline is reserved for construction, and the right is a cable threading pipeline. In both cases, we will These holes are blocked. The reasons for blocking are as follows:

1. For reserved pipelines, sealing the empty openings can ensure that silt, rainwater, etc. leak into the wells through the pipelines, causing water accumulation, etc., and causing troubles such as pumping water for subsequent underground well maintenance. Blocking the reserved pipeline can maintain a dry environment in the well, and at the same time prevent small animals such as mice and ants from running around in the interconnected pipelines, leaving dead bodies causing blockage of the pipeline. It is appropriate to use the hollow pipe sealing plug as a plugging device, which is specially designed for the plugging of empty pipes. It is not only beautiful, but also reusable, and has a high cost performance.

Two. For the cable through the wall pipe, it must be blocked.

1. It can avoid the adverse effects of stagnant water, silt, rats, etc. on the pipeline environment, and provide a relatively clean and dry working environment for artificial underground operations or underground pipeline construction;
2. It can achieve the effects of waterproof, anti-rat and anti-theft, better protect the cable from external factors, and reduce the cable accident rate;
3. After the pipeline is blocked in sections, the problem of pipeline circulation is avoided, which can greatly reduce the trouble and time of pumping and dredging of artificial wells, and improve operation efficiency.