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Anti-condensation and blocking of the chassis of a switchgear in Jiangsu

Anti-condensation and blocking of the chassis of a switchgear in Jiangsu

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At present, due to land occupation, line corridors, urban beautification and other reasons, cables are widely used in urban opening and closing stations, residential power distribution rooms, and substations. Cable trenches are built on both sides of urban main roads to solve channel problems. However, due to the vertical and horizontal underground pipe network, it is usually difficult for the cable communication channel to be independent and closed. Rain and snow, leakage, poor drainage and other reasons will cause a large amount of sewage to gather in the cabinet. Because the cable entrance is not tightly closed, the water vapor generated in the cable channel enters the switch cabinet and forms condensation inside the switch cabinet. The occurrence of switch cabinet failure.

The water vapor in the cable channel is one of the main causes of condensation inside the switchgear. From the case of Hemmer, there have been many switching stations, substations, and anti-net cabinets that have encountered this problem. In response to the demand from the Jiangsu owners, Hengma technicians went to plug the switchgear. For this kind of cabinet blockage, Henma technicians suggest using a kind of BBS foaming agent. The advantages of this kind of blockage are simple, convenient and fast, only three steps:

1. Clean the cables and cabinets in the switch cabinet

2. Use moisture-proof sealant to block the slits in the cabinet

3. Stir and pour the materials into the cabinet according to a certain proportion, and expand after they are automatically leveled.