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The inflatable cable pipeline plugging device went to Xinjiang Oilfield Company Power Supply Company

The inflatable cable pipeline plugging device went to Xinjiang Oilfield Company Power Supply Company

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Recently, the technicians of our company received a call from the power supply company of Xinjiang Oilfield Company. What they worry about is that due to the low temperature in Xinjiang, the cable well is set under the green belt and basically needs to be watered twice a day, and the underground cable pipe of the cable pipe is PVC. The water in the green belt seeps into it, but because there is no drainage channel designed, it is not easy to evaporate, so the water level of the accumulated water will exceed the height of the cable pipe after a certain period of time, and because the pipes are connected, the power underground wells on both sides will share the water level, and The cable will always be immersed in water, which is dangerous to the operation of the cable. When one of the underground wells is opened for cable maintenance and management, the water in the underground well must be extracted first, which is very troublesome. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate the cost of power underground well maintenance without plugging. Once an emergency repair occurs, racing against time will increase the difficulty of the emergency repair work.



In response to this situation, our company’s technicians recommended a Hengma brand inflatable cable pipe plugging device to the Xinjiang Oilfield Power Supply Company, and personally went to Xinjiang Oilfield Power Supply Company to observe the leakage of the cable pipe, and then installed this product to stop it. Cable ducts, avoid water, silt, etc. from damaging the safety of cables and ducts. For details, please refer to the following pictures:


The inflatable cable duct sealing device is a new generation of pipe sealing technology, using the principle of gas expansion and sealing, and combining the current pipe and cable sealing needs to design and develop a new type of sealing device, compared with traditional plugging products such as mud, cement , Cork, etc., inflatable cable duct sealing device has the following obvious advantages:
1. Convenient and simple construction: sufficient air source is sufficient.
2. Reusable: The unique gas nozzle design is convenient for checking and repairing gas.
3. Stable performance: soft metal high-density polymer materials can adapt to various pipeline environments.
4. Longer service life: The helium gas diffusion experiment proves that its theoretical use is 20 years.
The product has national patents, is protected by national intellectual property rights, and has passed many overseas experiments. All performances have reached national standards, and the product performance is stable and quality guaranteed.