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Case Study of Waterproof Blocking of 110kv Cable Trench in Lianyungang Substation, Jiangsu

Case Study of Waterproof Blocking of 110kv Cable Trench in Lianyungang Substation, Jiangsu

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One thing that gives power companies a headache: It is difficult to waterproof and block cable trenches

The 110kv substation in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, because the cable trench was not sealed properly, cement was used in a crude plugging state because of the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the continuous operation of the cable, which slowly formed a circle with the cement Small seams and pipe walls have been eroded by soil water, groundwater, rainwater, etc. for a long time, and there have been multiple water leakages in cover joints, pipe walls and deformation joints, making the cable trench often in a humid environment, and even many parts of the trench have accumulated The soil. Causes great safety hazards to the normal operation of the transmission of electricity, so it needs to be plugged and repaired.

Jiangsu Lianyungang Electric Power Co., Ltd. sought a cable trench waterproofing solution on the Internet, and finally adopted the advice given by Hangzhou Henma, and ordered 1,000 sets of IDSS-110 inflatable cable duct sealing devices.

Waterproof sealing technology for cable trenches, Hangzhou Hengma makes the pipeline nowhere to leak

In view of the serious water seepage and leakage caused by the initial cement plugging, Hangzhou Henma technicians knocked off the cement that originally blocked the pipe orifice, and directly used the matched size IDSS-110 inflatable cable duct sealing device to improve the sealing device. Blocking. This inflatable cable duct plugging device has two obvious advantages in this environment:

1. This kind of inflatable bag is filled with gas seamlessly. No matter how the cable expands or contracts, the waterproof rubber strips on both sides of the inflatable bag will be close to both sides of the cable and the pipe wall without any gap filling.

2. Due to the gravity of the cable, the cable has drooped and is close to the wall of the pipe. The cable cannot be lifted manually, and the inflatable cable duct sealing device is put on (only a small gap is required). The cable room is fully filled.

3. Due to the continuous thermal expansion and contraction of the cable during operation, the pipe is easily deformed, and the inflatable cable pipe sealing device is filled with gas, which has a good flexibility and compatibility.

If you have similar problems with cable trench waterproofing and blocking, or are interested in Hangzhou Hengma brand inflatable cable duct sealing device, please click to contact our online customer service, or call: 18758885877. Hangzhou Hengma-plug loopholes!