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Construction plan for plugging cable holes in 110kv substation

Construction plan for plugging cable holes in 110kv substation

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Hangzhou Hengma Power Technology Co., Ltd. is the bidding unit of the third batch of e-commerce procurement supplementary projects of Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. In response to the application requirements of the material procurement of the Jinjiang branch of the Fujian Electric Power Company, technical guidance for the plugging construction of the cable hole plugging of the Jinjiang 110kv Jinhua substation project in Quanzhou.

In Quanzhou Jinjiang 110kv Jinhua substation incoming line project, due to the water ingress failure of the 26#-36# Gongjing broken A and C phase cable outer sheath construction, the cable joints need to be waterproofed. Since the laying section of the cable casing is in an active groundwater zone, the intercommunication of the casing will cause the flood to stay in the underground well. as the picture shows:


Therefore, to protect the safety of the cable joints in the well, it is imperative to waterproof the cable holes.


The Hengma brand pipeline hidden danger eliminator (cable tube plugging device) has a simple structure and exquisite design, which can actually solve the problem of waterproof plugging of cable holes; and it is convenient to construct and can be used many times. The appearance is exquisite and generous, and is greatly appreciated and respected by people of insight in the power industry. In order to protect the safety of cables and pipelines, we do our best to do our part.