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The importance of sealing measures for cable shafts

Take preventive measures, avoid and reduce fire hazards, and prevent greater economic losses and fire accidents with less economic means; Fireproof and flame-retardant protection measures and technical treatment should be taken for the sealing of cable shafts to achieve multiple prevention effects such as fire prevention, dust prevention, and preventing short circuits and corrosion caused by small animals from burning; Reasonably set up fire prevention treatment areas to protect cables and equipment, and provide convenience for operators. The sealing of cable shafts is very important for ensuring the safe operation of the power system. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Preventing foreign objects from entering the shaft can prevent garbage, small animals, and other foreign objects from entering the shaft, and prevent cable insulation from being damaged or causing short circuits. 2. Isolating fire hazards and sealing the well can block the source of fire, prevent the rapid spread of fire through the shaft, and protect the safety of cables. 3. A well sealed structure to prevent illegal excavation of vertical shafts from stealing current can prevent it. 4. Keeping the well sealed can avoid water accumulation in the well, maintain a relatively closed environment, and facilitate cable heat dissipation. 5. A good sealing method for preventing pests and rodents can prevent moths and rodents from biting the cable insulation layer. 6. Ensure that the cable repair space is sealed and isolated, and the cable laying in the well is more orderly, which is conducive to cable fault detection and repair.

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