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Product upgrade, more efficient blocking

Product upgrade, more efficient blocking

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product description

BBS anti-condensation blocking material is a special sealing material developed by polymer matrix technology. The material is divided into group A and group B. The two components can be quickly self-leveled after mixing on site, and then expand and solidify to form Sealed body. It can completely block the source of condensation and moisture, avoid condensation and small animals entering the electric cabinet to cause electric safety hazards.


1. Self-leveling, expansion, sealing, easy construction.

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof and small animals: After curing, it will form a hard outside and inside soft closed body with a closed cell rate of 99%. It is halogen-free and completely isolates water vapor. It can prevent small animals from entering the electric cabinet.

3. The volume expands to 3-5 times (adjustable) after foaming.

4. Good flame retardancy, reaching V-0.

5. Easy to expand, convenient for secondary construction. After solidification, it will form a solid with hard outside and soft inside. It is easy to expand when increasing, and it is convenient to open holes without special tools. 6 High bonding strength, good bonding effect with PE concrete and steel plate.

PS: The product has been upgraded from three sets of materials to two sets of materials, with simpler operation and more efficient sealing.