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The waterproof sealing of cable ducts in a substation of Jiangsu State Grid has been reorganized and has since been completely new

The waterproof sealing of cable ducts in a substation of Jiangsu State Grid has been reorganized and has since been completely new

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In the past two days, I went to a certain substation of Jiangsu State Grid. After on-site survey and research, I felt deeply. Jiangsu is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, mostly in plain areas, where the water network is vertical and horizontal, and there is a lot of rain. The groundwater is relatively abundant. The impact of external infrastructure piling and pouring has led to poor water accumulation in outdoor maintenance wells. The water enters the substation through PVC pipes in and out The internal basement seriously affects the installation of electrical equipment inside the substation and delays the transmission time.

After fully understanding the waterproof effect of our company’s inflatable cable duct sealing device, the owner gave multiple sets of operational solutions through our survey, and finally replaced the original traditional blocking mode (fire-resistant mud) in time, and adopted this A new type of plugging product solves the problem of water accumulation in a timely and effective manner, enabling the smooth installation of electrical equipment in the substation.

Nowadays, more and more State Grid projects use Hemmer inflatable cable duct sealing devices to replace the original pipe plugging materials. Advantages of inflatable cable duct sealing:

1. Fast installation, easy removal, not easy to damage cables and pipes;

2. Low construction cost, no need for water or power supply, no need for traditional construction tools;

3. Good sealing effect, effectively preventing substances such as stagnant water, sediment, pests, and harmful gases from entering the pipeline;

4. Not affected by acid-alkaline environment, and not affected by pipeline water;

5. Flexible plugging can effectively solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of pipes and plugging materials, extend the time limit for waterproof and sealing of pipe holes, and reduce subsequent maintenance costs;

6. Spare empty pipes, single cable duct holes, and multiple cable duct holes can be installed;

7. It can withstand the small-range displacement of the cable and has a certain earthquake resistance;