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An Example of Waterproof Blocking of Underground Pipelines in She County, 1708

An Example of Waterproof Blocking of Underground Pipelines in She County, 1708

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The main problems encountered:

1. Most of the pipes are squeezed and the deformation exceeds 5%;

2. Splitting of multiple pipe openings and serious damage to the cable pipe wall;

3. There is serious water accumulation in the pipeline well, and there is water accumulation in underground cable pipelines everywhere through the interconnecting cable ducts;

4. Many reserved pipelines are reserved for later laying of cables, which cannot be sealed and fixed and need to be flexible;

5. The cables are not standard and pass through the pipe, causing many cables to cling to the pipe wall;

6. The environment of the underground cable well is harsh and the construction is difficult;

7. Empty pipe, single cable, uneven thin cable, it is difficult to choose the sealing material;

8. There are a lot of debris in the well, dirty, messy and messy;

9. Pipes with corners are difficult to block when they are located at an angle of 90 degrees.



1. Inflatable cable duct sealing device, a new type of cable duct sealing material, using the principle of inflatable expansion extrusion, can fill various gaps between the cable and the cable wall to a complete sealing degree;


2. The inflatable principle can be filled without the need to follow the specifications of the pipe. Both oval and square can be sealed to achieve the purpose of sealing;


3. Because there is no need to fix and block the pipeline opening, you can choose any accessible plugging position in the pipeline, because it is one of the preferred plugging materials to plug the damaged cable duct at the pipeline opening;


4. The device adopts polymer soft metal materials, which can effectively resist water immersion, acid and alkali, etc., effectively improve the resistance, and ensure the cleanliness of the blocked pipeline;


5. Convenient operation and low construction environment requirements. For eccentric cables, large and small cables have good sealing performance, which effectively overcomes most of the unfavorable factors in the blocking environment;


6. The new repeatedly-tested inflatable cable duct sealing device can be used repeatedly after reaching the blocking conditions, which effectively saves the maintenance and management costs in the later period.