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Anhui cable well waterproof plugging

Anhui cable well waterproof plugging

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Factory test

experiment method

1 Test conditions

1.1 The test shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this standard, and the test temperature and relative temperature shall be recorded in the test report.

1.2 Laboratory temperature: 20℃~25℃

2 sampling

2.1 This product is a batch of 1000 pieces

2.2 The samples should be taken from the original packaging at the exit of the production line or from the large packaging that is about to leave the factory, and take 1% of the sampling quantity.

2.3 Before the test, the sample should be sealed and placed at standard room temperature for no less than 2 hours.

2.4 Impurities, sludge and burrs should be cleaned up in the cable duct.

2.5 After the sample is installed in the cable through the pipe, check that the hidden danger eliminator of the pipeline is tightly connected with the pipe, and check whether the cable gap is well filled when multiple cables are passed through the pipe.

3 test type

The test types are divided into two types: formal test and factory test. The formal test is a test to ensure the stability of the pipeline hazard eliminator, and the factory inspection is a quality inspection when the product is completed.


Packaging, marking, transportation and storage

1 The finished product should be stored in a clean and dry place, packaged in a box and attached with a product certificate and product instruction manual.

2 The product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, place of origin, product name, specification model, product trademark, product implementation standards and production date.

3 When the product is transported, it should be waterproof, fireproof and sunscreen.