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Product Introduction of Pipeline Hazard Eliminator

Product Introduction of Pipeline Hazard Eliminator

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Product introduction: Pipeline hazard eliminator, also known as cable pipe plugging device, is mainly made of injection-molded silicone rubber and high-performance flame-retardant nylon, assembled by stainless steel screws.

High-performance nylon and silicone rubber have stable mechanical properties, high weather resistance, reusability, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, which can effectively prevent water and air leakage and rat and ant chewing in the sealed area, and silicone rubber is born Its flexibility provides effective protection for the safety of pipelines, cables, optical cables and electrical equipment behind artificial wells, thereby improving network management performance and reducing customer maintenance costs.


This product is suitable for the sealing of power cable, control cable inlet and outlet pipes of substations below 500KV, and direct buried cable pipe network, cable gap sealing of pipeline openings in cable wells, and the sealing of power cables, control cables, and communication cables in the power distribution room. The cable gap at the entrance and exit of the high and low voltage cable ducts in the substation area is blocked. It is suitable for cable pipes of various material pipe diameters to eliminate potential safety hazards of power pipes.



1. Flexible blocking material, which will not affect the pipe wall and cable protection layer after being fixed and blocked;
2. The product is environmentally friendly, safe, corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet and aging;
3. The flame retardant grade of the product is FV0, which can effectively isolate open flames;
4. Suitable for pipes of any material;
5. Convenient installation and construction, and market common tools are enough;
6. Can be reused.