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Hefei substation dehumidification and blocking

Hefei substation dehumidification and blocking

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We must know the main reason for the dehumidification and blocking of transformer/distribution cabinets. The main reason is that the temperature difference between the cabinet body and the bottom cable trench is caused, and the threading cable hole is one of the need to be blocked.

On-site blocking situation and construction completion drawing




1. Determine the bottom construction and construction conditions;

① Confirm the position and spacing of the gap;

② Confirm the rust condition at the bottom and measures to remove rust;

③ Determine the remaining spacing of the holes after the bottom perforated cable;

2. Derusting the uneven and rusty bottom;

3. Connect the bottom iron plate and the cabinet body to stack the tape according to the requirements;

4. Use tape to wrap and fill the gap between cables;

5. Fill or flatten the threading holes and other holes with tape;

6. Confirm the bottom gap, fill the gap with tape and then pour it;

7. The sealing is completed after solidification.