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JP cabinet blocked

JP cabinet blocked

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In view of the common problems of JP cabinets in the current market, such as small animals bringing dead branches and sundries into the cabinet through the JP cabinet holes, they will destroy and affect the normal use of the JP cabinet. Seriously, it may cause the switch in the JP cabinet to burn out and cause a large-scale power outage, which can effectively solve the current problems in the JP cabinet, greatly reduce the economic loss of the power supply department and the electrician's workload, and effectively improve the power supply safety efficiency and service level.


Features: innovative technology, environmental protection, long life, repeated use.

Advantages: 1. Avoid small animals, greatly reduce the adverse effects of the JP cabinet, and provide a clean working environment for the cabinet;

2. Waterproof and flameproof, better protect the JP cabinet from external factors and reduce the power accident rate;

3. The service life is more than 15 years, simple, practical and convenient.