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Inflatable cable duct sealing device

Inflatable cable duct sealing device

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What are the disadvantages of failing to seal the cable when it is waterproof?

In the past, cables and pipelines did not pay attention to the problem of waterproofing and blocking. The cables were long-term harmed by factors such as rain soaking and rat bites. The negligence of management by the relevant departments resulted in the occurrence of waterlogging during the rainy season, which would cause large-scale blackouts, power outages, etc. Bring many disadvantages to people.
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Product Features

This product is a flexible sealing system. Waterproof film that can withstand high temperatures is attached on both sides. When the inflation reaches 0.35mpa air pressure, the films on both sides will be close to the pipes and cables to achieve complete waterproofing. The inflation port contains a self-filling colloidal material to seal the sealing system when the inflation tube is withdrawn.

Product effect

■ It can avoid the adverse effects of water, sand, rats, etc. on the pipeline environment, and provide a relatively clean and dry working environment for artificial underground operations or underground pipeline construction;
■ It can achieve the effects of waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, insect-bite prevention, etc., better protect the cable from external factors, and reduce the probability of power supply accidents;
■ After the pipeline is blocked in sections, the problem of pipeline circulation is avoided, the trouble and time of manual well pumping and dredging can be greatly reduced, and the operation efficiency can be improved;

Features and advantages

■ Fast and convenient installation and disassembly;
■ Prevent the cables from creeping and moving;
■ Empty pipe, single or multiple can be installed and applied;
■ Can resist harsh environment (salt, acid and alkali and other chemical corrosive substances);
■ The product material is stable and will not chemically react with the cable or pipeline wall;
■ All oval pipeline cables can be installed;
■ Suitable for all kinds of PVC, steel (iron) pipes and all kinds of cable ducts;
■ The service life is as long as 20 years;
■ Flexible plugging has a more protective effect on cables and pipelines;
■ Working temperature is -40℃~75℃.

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