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"Mid-Autumn Festival" meets "National Day", Hangzhou Henma receives non-stop benefits!
The significance of plugging underground cable wells for preventing electrical fires
Electrical fires have always occurred frequently and frequently, causing serious losses to the country and people's lives and property. Blocking inside and outside of cable shaft bridge/plugging of underground cable shaft has better flame retardant effect.
In high-rise buildings, vertical shafts such as elevator shafts, pipe shafts, air shafts, cable shafts, etc., if the fire separation is not handled properly, when a fire occurs, these shafts are like a small chimney and become a rapidly spreading fire source. According to the information, when a fire burns, the horizontal smoke diffusion speed can reach up to 0.5~3m/s, along the shaft, the diffusion speed is 3~4m/s, and the high-rise building is 100m high. Without obstruction, within half a minute , The smoke can spread along the shaft to the roof, especially the cable shaft. Once a fire occurs, because the cable sheath is not flame-retardant, the fire can spread upward along the burning cable, and the heat increases from bottom to top, which is very easy to intensify the explosion. Therefore, for the purpose of preventing and mitigating fire hazards, in order to control the fire in a separable area, the cable shaft must be fireproofed, that is, the underground cable shaft pipeline is blocked. For the cable shaft, especially the cable shaft of the communication building, from the point of view of actual needs, for the cable shaft, especially the cable shaft of the communication building, from the actual need, considering the maintenance, replacement and laying of the cable, it is necessary to ensure fire protection Safe, underground cable wells and pipelines can be blocked by plastic organic fireproof blocking materials and quick-solid inorganic fireproof blocking materials for fireproof blocking and separation. The plastic organic fireproof plugging material has the characteristics of extremely high fire resistance, good flexibility and expansion in case of fire. It is very convenient to use in cable construction and maintenance. Therefore, the plugging of underground cable wells is especially suitable for the fire blocking of perforations and cracks of wires, cables and pipes in buildings. When using the quick-curing inorganic fire-resistant plugging material, generally firstly cover the periphery of the cable with an organic fire-resistant plugging material, and pour the quick-curing type fireproof plugging material into the surrounding gaps. Performance fireproof layer.
Introduction of common methods for cable duct plugging
1. Cable duct plugging-cement mortar plugging waterproof coating
Treatment method of cable duct blockage
In recent years, the amount of rainfall has increased. Especially this year, many places have been severely affected, causing large areas of underground power projects to accumulate water and even accidental electric shocks.