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A manufacturer specializing in inflatable cable duct sealing devices

Company Profile

Hangzhou Hengma Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on inflatable cable duct sealing devices, inflatable cable duct plugging, inflatable cable duct fireproof sealer, inflatable pipe fireproof plugging device, cable duct soft plugging device, A scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of pipeline sealing rings, soft cable duct sealing rings, flexible cable duct sealing devices, etc.; the products fill the gap of soft sealing technology in the domestic sealing industry for 40 years, and are used for electric power The orderly and sound operation of the telecommunications pipe network has set a new benchmark.

        For a long time, Hengma people have been adhering to the business tenet of quality first and integrity first, and the original spirit of pioneering innovation and excellence. They have long-term cooperation with Zhejiang University, East China University of Science and Technology and other institutions of higher learning to develop and obtain an invention patent and utility model Three patents; strong technical strength to provide high-quality services for the sales of Hengma brand blocking products in overseas (EU, Southeast Asia, America) markets and domestic State Grid, Southern Power Grid, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and other customers Rely on.

        Hangzhou Hengma Power Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in May 2010. Before the establishment of the company, Hengma’s related technical team had already targeted inflatable cable duct sealing bags, inflatable cable duct sealing, and inflatable cable duct fire-proof sealing. Preliminary research and testing have been done on the series of pipeline sealing products such as the air-inflated pipe fire plugging device, etc., laying a solid technical cornerstone for the production guidance and sales service of Henma after its establishment.

Focusing on quality and technology oriented to the future; Hengma brand pipeline sealing products have experienced 5 years of experience accumulation and technology accumulation, which is a strong quality assurance and service promise made by Hengma to all friends.

The company was founded in 2010
Serving more than 500 customers
More than ten blocking products
Focus on pipe hole plugging business