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Over the past ten years, the company's products have experienced the development process from scratch, from having to many, from many to strong, from strong to refined.

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Focus on the electric power, communications industry, pipe hole sealing products and technology research and development and promotion of application

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Into Henma

hangzhou hengma electric power technology co., ltd. is a established in 2010 of the old blocking enterprises. Focus on the research and development and promotion of pipe hole sealing products and technologies in the power and communications industries, it has a series of products of "Henma Electric Power" brand, such as inflatable occluder, cable pipe occluder, HMBBS distended anti-condensation compound, HMLSR self-leveling moisture-proof occluder, meter box occluder, lead pipe (column pipe) occluder, JP cabinet (control cabinet) occluder and so on, which are aimed at three prevention (waterproof, fireproof and small animal prevention) of the line; there is also a passive comprehensive treatment scheme specially developed to solve the problem of equipment condensation, which is a combination of functional materials such as floor sealant, humidity control sheet, temperature and humidity monitor, dew isolation cotton, rust resistance box and so on.

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Cable blocker new choice for pipe blocking

Cable blocker adopts new flame retardant materials, upper and lower pressure plate and flexible parts, by the upper and lower pressure plate longitudinal contraction resulting in flexible parts of the outer ring and the inner wall of the pipeline, the inner ring and the outer wall of the cable in close contact with the cable pipeline mouth segmented blocking to achieve isolation of sealing effect; the product set of acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant and heat-resistant, waterproof and anti-freeze, UV-proof, safe and environmentally friendly, ageing and so on, many advantages in one, can be Effective isolation of open flames to stabilize the cable, to prevent water, silt, debris, small animals and other damage to the cable into the pipeline, to effectively protect the cable operation safety, can withstand greater pressure, effective isolation of open flames to stabilize the cable.

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The role of cable blockers

Cable pipe blocker is mainly used for blocking the import and export of both ends of the cable pipe as a kind of blocking and sealing product. The use of cable pipe blocker to seal the cable pipe mouth, can effectively eliminate rain, sediment, insects and rodents, as well as the circulation of harmful gases in the pipeline, to improve the operational safety coefficient of the cable through the pipe. Due to the differences in the use of the environment, the requirements of the cable pipe blocker are different, so the construction unit should be based on the actual situation to choose different specifications of the performance of the cable blocker.

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How to choose the right cable blocker for power telecommunication pipe network

Cable blocker is a kind of important equipment used in electric power and telecommunication pipe network, which can effectively block the entrance of cable, prevent water, dust, corrosive substances and so on from entering into the pipeline, protect the cable and prolong its service life. However, there are various kinds of cable blockers in the market, how to choose the suitable cable blocker for power and telecommunication pipe network has become an important issue.

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